non-asbestos rubber sheet

non-asbestos rubber sheet

WEALSON Non-asbestos rubber sheet is manufactured from Kevlar fiber, with oil-resistant rubber filler and compressed into sheets, these materials are suitable for use as an oil-resistant jointing medium for heat installations and engine sealing. Length: 1000mm; 1350mm; 2000mm; 4000mm,
Width: 1500mm.
Color:Red,Blue,Green,Black etc..
1) Maximum working pressure: 100 bar
2) Minimum working temperature: 370C (blue)
3) Maximum working temperature: 400C (black)
4) Compressibility (ASTM F36): 7 - 17%
5) Recovery (DASTM 13 16Hrs-300 D.C. - 50N/mm): minimum 40%
6) Gas infiltration (DIN 3535/4): 0.5ml/min
7) Immersion test (ASTM F146)
8) Immersion in ASTM oil#3 under 5hrs/150D.C.
9) Thickness increase: 10%
10) Tensile strength: 8N/mm
11) Sulfuric acid under 48 Hrs/23D.C.
12) Density (DIN3754): 1.9g/cm3
13) PH value: 2 - 14
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Miss Danny Zhao
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Product Origin: China
Model Number: w105
Brand Name: wealson

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